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JUN 22 2020 - 1:42 AM

UPDATE #3 - Fuck U, Skoo

HELL YEAH!!! i drank some beer to celebrate and got a little tipsy but mostly really fucking sleepy. guess beer makes me a fuckin narcoleptic!!!
today i:
>added this new entry:)
>determined the shit that i need to do for the page:
>>i need to add the about page
>>i need to add the stuff page as well
>>i need to do something refreshing with that fuckin homepage... i might completely change the image displayed to a more recent pic!

im extremely fucking excited about this whole thing because the fact that im finally fuckin done with school just means that this site will finally flourish the way ive always wanted it to,and it wont be this, half-finished thingy that i started half a year ago. needless to say ill be uploading this site for years 2 come... who knows maybe ill completely shift the way this whole thing looks!its all shit that ill think about eventually.

for now, huge fuckin kudos yet again 2 shitnacho for all the immense love always all the fuckin time.and all the hours we spend just fucking around on call doing shit! thats really good for me because im barely talking to anyone right now Ü can gess Y...oh shit i forgot to mention: i recently got back into shortwave radio, ham radio and numbers stations. obviously i dont have a license or a callsign or anything of the sort so i dont do shit on there but like. i havent even thought of sw radio since i was like 9 and obsessed with lsd dream emulator and boards of canada!so that shit is pretty good to me.. feels nice to get back into the whole thing:)

oh also my grampa (hapy fadas day! you're like a fucking dad to me + you have knowledge on a ton of shit!.love you grampy so fucking much) and i built a quarter-wave (5m - trying to use it for 10m/20m shit) long wire antenna 2dae - its working KIND of well. i think one of the reasons it doesnt work that well is because it isn't pointing upwards, it's just hooked up to the electrical fence because we thought it'd give me more coverage and shit - it worked!kind of, i heard some ham from colombia i think judging from his accent/entonation while speaking in his crusty fuckin microphone - which is a huge fucking leap from where i was because i'm trying to get the sstv, rtty, cw, etc. transmissions because i fucking LOVE decoding stuff BUT! i was only getting the commercial big-antenna stations.

on that same note, i fixed my world band receiver's built-in telescopic antenna a la McGyver, with one of those things fuckin idk what theyre called in english but we call them "ramplum" and it's supposed to like support shit and keep it together, but i just stuck a rod of copper inside the rod and stuck it into th ramplum and called it a Day!seems to work, kind of. also tried alligator-clipping the 5m wire to the telescopic rod which amped my coverage a little bit but fuck! it's still way too fuckin little! i just hope i can get some more wire somehow so i can build a 10m half-wave antenna, and get on my 20m band and hear all the fuckin sstv transmissions and shit. fuck. that'd be so fucking boss.

anyways yeah im a bachelor now woopee! would love to say FUCK school and spend my whole life doing creativity shit that i love but:
1. my family would despise me if i ditched studies (unless i was getting HugeCa$h) and
2. i kind of DONT want to say fuck school.because i kind of want to study a shitton of graphix design stuff so i can do a bunch of it because i genuinely love it!
without a fuckin doubt ill do my school shit though either way so double woopee!

ok.das it.U can scheck back once in a while and i'll try to update my shit daily. i feel like i should keep this as a daily log because...it helps me cope with not having data most of the time and shit......but thats on me for spending it all too fuckin quickly.and also on my phone company for fuckin selling that shit for such a high ass price!FUCK money. THE INTERNET, MOBILE DATA, AND ALL SORTS OF TELECOMMUNICATION SHOULD BE A RIGHT NOT A PRIVILEGE KISS MY ASS ELON MUSK.FUCK 12.cloudy says ByeBye

APR 07 2020 - 4:01 AM

UPDATE #2 - covid is a lie and the air is poisonous

sorry i left this site to rot): HAPPY NEW YEAH!
today i:
>added the rest of sunset.gif

ill be fucking with the site some more once im off the rest of school duties. then i can just do whatever the fuck i want till i start assisting an university, and even then ill have a lot more free time for my site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just have too much shit going on right now. thank you to surnachi for all the counseling whenever i have my messy existential crises at 5 AM. thanks to the people whove been interested in my site and other projects since day 1, i owe all of you so fuckin much!!!!!also here's a link to my shirts you should buy one of them and send me 50 high definition pictures of them when they arrive one by one each in an individual email.thanj you so much. thanks..200X

DEC 22 2019 - 6:24 PM

UPDATE #1 - welcome to da cloudy neocity

today i:
>added the news page (the one ur on right now)...
>revamped the home page with div magic nd borders...
>made a very fucked up geocities clone of the page that i'll prolly turn into a completely different page later on...

hard work today fellas... happy chrimmas.


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